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-  The company was founded by Mr. Abd El-Hamid Kassem in 1956 in its headquarters lying in Sabtia, Cairo, Egypt. At first, the work was semi-manual (artisanal), but then it was developed through introducing modern machinery before using hydraulic press brakes, shears and modern operating machines in 1967. Thus, we were the first private sector workshops to introduce such development in their field. Certainly, this gave us the opportunity to work then with some of the biggest companies such as Arab Contractors, Metalco and the Egyptian Armed Forces. Then in 1969, the engineer Ali Abd El-Hamid Kassem took the responsibility of administration with his father and helped him in the works of construction, establishment and development. He began introducing the modern production methods, using the technological advances regarding equipment and operating methods, including all metalworking and spare parts for factories and production lines. In 1985, there was an expansion by establishing a new plant in Warraq region. This plant was managed by Engineer/Mohamed Abd El-Hamid Kassem and Accountant/ Mustafa Abd El-Hamid Kassem. It was equipped by the latest equipment of hydraulic shears with high thicknesses and hydraulic press brakes of different sizes and capacities. Then, the mechanical operation was introduced by using the latest turning lathes, scraper and frise at the time in order to complete the operating system and its needs of these parts. Moreover, the activity of rolling was added to prepare tanks. Then, the Management introduced operating machines such as CNC Punch Machine, CNC Press Brake GM and CNC Cutting Machine (Plasma-Flame), in addition to argon and carbon dioxide welding. Finally, the manufacturing machines (Water Jet) were also introduced up to a thickness of 150 mm. We keep up with the latest developments in the field of operation and industrialization. At the moment, we are preparing to inaugurate our new branch in the Industrial Zone of Abu Rawash. Moreover, there is another factory under construction in the Industrial Zone of Ataka, Suez city, the Gulf of Suez. This coincides with the appearance of Mr. Abd El-Hamid Kassem’s grandsons, who started working in the company after their graduation from the Faculties of Engineering and Business Administration in order to complete the successful journey of work and development. All Governmental and private companies and establishments certifyour honesty, fidelity, commitment and quality of work. So, our slogan is certainly (Honesty – Quality – Development). In this regard, we are doing our best to complete our successful journey and history, and we seek to leave this responsibility to our children in order to follow our steps towards providing the best service and quality. This of course will be in a way that keeps pace with the development for the sake of offering the best to our society and country under the slogan (Honesty – Quality – Development).